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How to view MyVerizon bill


Using My Verizon portal one can access your bill statement. There are a variety of usage and billing services available for the customers:

  • Shared Usage – a summary of shared usage of the account (available only for shared plans)
  • Data, Messages & Calls – the data, messaging and calling usage details for every line on your account
  • Charges by Line – a summary of what is charged to each individual line on your account
  • Bill Summary – the total charges for the account being viewed at a high level

One is also able to see up to 18 months of past bills using this page. Take note that only Account Managers or Account Owners can view billing information. One is able learn more about My Verizon account roles from the billers site. People will still receive a streamlined paper bill in their mail even if they have not yet switched to paperless billing. To get more information about paper bilsl, check out the billers Understanding Your Paper Bill video.

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