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How can I avoid a Dominion cash security deposit payment?


How can one avoid a cash security deposit payment?

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A residential customer can evade a cash security deposit payment by using the alternatives which include:

  • Securing a credit-worthy Dominion East Ohio customer to guarantee that you bills won’t go unpaid. They will be required to fill a form guaranteeing this. If approved, the guarantor will be required to pay the default amount which is usually not more than two monthly bills.
  • Supply a letter of credit written by your previous utility company.
  • Some requirements must be met for you to be eligible for this option. These include:

You must have been a customer of that company for a period of 12 consecutive months with good payment history.

Your service mustn’t have been disconnected because of non-payment in the previous 12 consecutive months

You mustn’t have two consecutive bills having past due balances in the last 12 months.

The letter of credit should have the name of the customer that’s applying for service.

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