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They call me Doctor Finance for many reasons. When bills need to be paid with surgical efficiency, I have the scalpel in hand and I’m ready to dig in and help cure you with answers on how to make payments, create accounts and manage your money better than ever before. Have a case of not-sure-what-to-do-itis? I can prescribe a hefty dose of tips and tricks on what needs to be done to remove that ailment and get you back to living your life like normal.

In my younger days (we won’t go into how far back that may or may not be), I racked up a debilitating amount of debt and spent decades working myself out of that situation. Because of this, I’ve decided I need to give back in a way and offer up assistance the best way I know how: Through real, useful information. If it wasn’t for the many people who helped me along the way, be they customer service agents or just helpful bits of advice here and there, I’d still be facing a mountain of debt higher than the Himalayas.

These days, though, I’m debt-free and want to help everyone else get there as well. There’s no need to feel riddled by the constant pressure of creditors calling and sending mail day in and day out, and I’ll help you get there!

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